About Allen Design and Development

Allen Design and Development is a software and website development company that offers a range of services including: website development, custom software development and software engineering services.

About Us

Allen Design and Development was founded in 2022 by Preston Allen. Our goal is to provide great service and add more value to our customers’ businesses and lives. To achieve this we foster a culture of positivity. Rather than focusing on the problem, we focus on solutions and the benefits of the problem being solved. This allows us to provide a better service to all our clients. Also we truly want everyone to have great success in their endeavors. To help with this, we use our skills as software engineers and web developers to bring our clients’ ideas into reality and successfully complete their project. We want all our clients to feel that every interaction with Allen Design and Development is positive.

Allen Design and Development offers a range of services to cover any of your website or software development needs. We can build you a website, manage your SEO, bring your idea for an app into existence, help you push your current software project across the finish line, and much more. If it’s related to software or websites, we can probably do it, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Meet The Founder

Preston Allen

CEO/Software Engineer

Preston is a software engineer and entrepreneur with a wide range of experience from working on control systems that operate dams, to web applications, to scientific applications. Besides writing code, he has experience setting up software QA, build pipelines, and implementing agile development processes.

Outside of software development, he enjoys working on cars, motorsports, 3D printing and most anything else that allows him to build or create something. When not busy creating something or participating in motorsports, he enjoys spending time with his wife, dogs and cats on their acreage in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.